The Gauge Reader Mask is everything you’ve come to expect from BARE, with improved visibility

• Unique tri-lens shape provides an expansive field of vision

• Revolutionary push-button buckle allows for easy, quick strap adjustment

• Unique flexible buckle attachment swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped
• New for 2018 ultra clear tempered glass lenses

• Soft, clear silicone skirt and strap
• Soft silicone skirt with double-edged seal 

• Two downward looking windows with +2.0 diopter lenses for enhanced visibility of equipment mounted on the torso

• Optimize field of view when swimming face down and reading small gauge numbers
• New patented Soft Squeeze buckle technology provides superior functionality and comfort, with zero-sound operations

• Flex buckle allows the mask to be carried flat in a BC or drysuit pocket

Bare Gauge Reader Mask

SKU: 036917