Nixie is a high-quality wetsuit for use in all watersports activities. Made specifically for women, it uses our proprietary blend of neoprene materials in a fashion-forward design that hugs and flatters the natural lines of the female form. Not purely functional, Nixie is a stylish and versatile wetsuit that inspires adventure and celebrates self confidence.



• Silky soft FULL-STRETCH neoprene with a buttery soft exterior finish and lines that flatters your curves

• GLIDESKIN collar for maximum seal and reduced flushing keeping you warm

• Velcro® adjustment collar with booklet-style cover to protect your suit from snags and pilling

• Set-in sleeve design for comfort and flexibility

• 19” long back zipper for easy donning

• Loop at the base of zipper to assist in getting into your suit

• ARMOR FLEX kneepads to protect against snares and abrasion (Full)

• Offered in fashion-forward colors including Glacier Blue, & Pink 

• Skin-in flip seals at forearm and calf

• Double glued and SECURE-LOCK construction 2MM SHORTY

• Comfortable contoured 2MM GLIDESKIN collar with 360 Velcro®  adjustment

• Rolled GLIDESKIN wrist and ankle/thigh seals

• Flatseam construction

• Comfortable contoured with 360 Velcro®  adjustment

• Flatseam construction

BARE Nixie 7mm