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117cf painted steel tank

Steel 117cf tank

  • The Blue Steel FX 100 Steel Cylinder is manufactured in Italy by Faber. All Blue Steel cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards in the diving industry. Each Blue Steel cylinder is drawn from high quality Chromium Molybdenum steel, then thoroughly cleaned using a proprietary Phosphatized process. The entire cylinder is triple Zinc protected, then finished with an internal epoxy coating and a durable Polyurethane external coating. Every Blue Steel cylinder we carry is Nitrox ready. All of our Blue Steel cylinders come equipped with a Faber conversion valve (200 BAR DIN/Yoke insert). Cylinders are filled to 500PSI & receive a current VIP sticker prior to shipping. Please specify if intended for Nitrox use (Nitrox band sold separately).


    • Max fill pressure = 3442  
    • Cubic Feet = 100 / Liters = 12.9  
    • Lenght = 25.39in.  
    • Diameter = 7.24in.  
    • Weight = 34.3lbs.  
    • Buoyancy = Full -8.41 vs Empty -0.59 
  • Price does not inlcude the cost of shipping.  Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

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