Yellow Brick Road Beach Dive


We are a doing Yellow Brick Road Beach Dive at Hollywood Beach Sunday morning at 8:15am sharp. We will meet up at 7:30am at Chranow Park and suit up. If you need anything buy/rent for the dive call ahead as we will not be transporting gear to the dive site

Spring Break Diving

spring break.jpg

We are doing some diving over Spring Break for all of you students who are out of school. On 3-21-22 830am-230pm we will be doing (2) beach dives, 3-22 830am-230pm BHB dive, a boat dive on 3-23 715am-330pm, & (2) beach dives on 3-24-22 830am-230pm. The cost is $160 per dive or $535 for all four dives, which includes, cost of the boat trip, transportation to/from dive sites, & equipment. Open Water certification is required for this event. If we get enough interest we can do a 5th day of diving and MAYBE let the parents dive too!
Contact the shop and reserve your spot today!

Neptune Memorial & Emerald Reef


Dive trip to the Neptune Society Memorial & Emerald Reef drift dive in Miami Beach on Sunday 3-27-22. The boat will depart the dock at 8:00 am sharp The cost of the trip is $100, which includes air tanks. Full payment due at time of your reservation. If you want to use nitrox tanks you can either bring your own tanks or rent nitrox tanks from us. We are meeting at Tarpoon Scuba Center at 7:20 am for a 7:30 am check-in. Make sure you bring your certification card at check-in. We will be taking the Celtic Cruiser down and if you want to

carpool, it is $20 per person. FYI, parking is $6 hr. at the dock's parking garage. If you need to rent anything for the trip please contact us & pick it up the night before as we will not be transporting gear this trip unless you are riding with us. AGAIN....payment is due at the time of reservation.

Tarpoon Dive Center
300 Alton Road
Miami Beach

Blue Heron Bridge Dive


We will be doing the BHB beach dive on 4-2-22 at 9am. High tide is at 9:45am, so we will arrive at Phil Foster Park around 7:45am to assure we get parking. Our dive will start around 9am. As always we will be taking the Celtic Cruiser up. If you want to ride in the Cruiser, it's $20 per person. If you need gear for the dive call us to reserve it. For more information call or email the shop. Remember the parking lot will get full quickly, so get there early.

Blue Grotto & Devil's Den

blue grotto.jpg

We are planning a 5th Annual Cavern Class at Blue Grotto & Devil's Den.  This will be a two day trip, we will depart the shop on Saturday morning 5:00am 4-23-22 & return 4-24-22 Sunday evening around 7:00 pm.  You must be 18 years old & AOW certified to take this class.  We will be taking a Celtic Cruiser to the springs, if you choose to ride with us the cost is $75 per person.  The cost for the class is $229 per person.  We are limited to (10) students for this trip.  For more information feel free to call or email the shop (954) 800-7147 or noshenanigansdiving@yahoo.comCheck out their websites for more information.