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The Atomic BC1 is for the diver who wants the absolute BEST available. The Atomic design team of seven industry professionals, with 152 years of collective diving equipment experience, reexamined every detail and designed every single component of the BC1 for durability, performance and ease-of-use.


Exclusive Laminated & Coated Waterproof Fabric

The custom matte finish fabric looks and feels unlike any other BC. The strong double-laminated polyurethane coated fabric is incredibly tough and actually SHEDS water.

Ratcheting CAM-LOK Tank Band

This Atomic design exclusive is the easiest tank band to use, working much like snowboard bindings. No more webbing to weave in a buckle.

Patented EZ-LOK Weight Release System

A remarkably easy-to-use design feature. Each weight pouch holds up to 10 lbs., smoothly glides into pockets, and locks with a SNAP.  Every aspect of the Atomic BC1 is designed to be exclusive – even the manufacturing involves a custom hand-crafted sewing process and custom binding tape. More design features...


• Custom 316 stainless steel d-rings with  titanium PVD coating

• Diamond pattern quilted backpad and  adjustable lumbar pad

• Non-skid tank pad with CNC-machined  stainless steel hardware

• Sand-resistant pocket zippers

• Low friction 316 stainless steel  “dry glide” exhaust pull dump  in two locations

• Patent pending anti-floating pull knob.

Atomic BC1

SKU: 99-1000
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